Obstacle Course
From May 25 to May 26, 2024

​Are you ready to bring out your inner Ninja Warrior? This is the sport for you! You'll be climbing and crawling, tossing and running through a custom-designed obstacle course at City Fit Shop. 



May 25 & 26, 2024


  • Fifteen minute time slots are available for teams to book.
  • Just click here to pick your time slot.


Participating in the Obstacle Course event

  • Companies can register one team of three players.
  • If you wish to participate on your Company Obstacle Course team.  Please contact your Company Coordinator.

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  • CLICK HERE to print off the Obstacle Course roster
  • Team Captains must bring the roster to the event, completely filled out
  • Ensure that all players read and sign the waiver before registering
  • Ensure that all players bring photo ID and company ID to the event
    • Company ID can include an HR letter, business card, pay stub, employee ID

  • ​Your team will consist of 3 participants (any gender).
  • All participants must be employees of your company at the time of play (See Eligibility Requirements for more information). 


Preparing your Team


Visit City Fit Shop to try out the course and get some tips from the pros.  Corporate Challenge participants get a 15% discount on all open gym time.   Just use Code:  CORPCHALL2024 when booking.

And visit their website for all kinds of new workshops and open gym times!

Pre Event 

  • Assign a Team Captain.
  • Recruit participants to play.
  • Contact City Fit Shop to book a practice session (optional) 587-404-0537
  • Schedule a time to play. Click here to schedule your team's competition time.
Event Day
  • All participants must be employees of your company at the time of play (See Eligibility Requirements for more information). 
  • Each team will download the event roster/waiver HERE, sign it and bring to the event. 
  • A Human Resource letter must accompany the roster.  
  • ID will not be checked but all players on the roster must appear on the Human Resource letter.

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  • The course is designed for one member to complete the Beginner Course, one to complete the Intermediate Course and one to complete the Advanced Course.   
  • Only one competitor will be on the course at a time.
  • Every competitor must wear clean dry shoes.
  • There will be 3 course options -Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. Each level increases in level of difficulty. Every team will get a walk through the course before the start of the race. 
  • Each competitor may attempt any obstacle 3 times.  If a competitor skips or fails to complete an obstacle they will be assessed a time penalty for each missed obstacle depending on the complexity of the obstacle.
  • If a competitor does not attempt any of the obstacles and simply “walks the course” that individual will be assessed a 10 minute penalty.   Their team’s combined time will still qualify for the standings.
  • Each competitor must complete their course individually without physical help from their team mates. 
  • The sum of the times for all three competitors determine the team's finish position, barring disqualifications. 
  • All three competitors must complete their respective course. 
  • In the event of a tie, the team with the fastest individual course time will be the winner.

Corporate Challenge Points

  • Each team that participates will receive 10 PARTICIPATION points.
    • The top 6 teams in each division will be awarded CHALLENGE points as follows:
      • 1st place - 10 points
      • 2nd place - 8 points
      • 3rd place - 6 points
      • 4th place - 4 points
      • 5th place - 3 points
      • 6th place – 1 point
    • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the winning teams in each division.

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    Principles of Fair Play 
    Edmonton Corporate Challenge (ECC) reserves the right to disqualify, suspend, remove and/or otherwise sanction any manager, coach, player, spectator, team and/or company that conducts themselves in any manner contrary to the Principles of Fair Play before, during or after an event. Your team is effectively an extension of your company/workplace. As such, all incidents will be reported to the Company Captain and Senior Management at your company. 

    1. Respect the rules. 
    2. Respect the officials, ECC Staff and volunteers and their decisions. 
    3. Respect your opponents.
    4. Respect your company and represent it well. 
    5. Maintain your self control at ALL times. 

    All protests regarding rules, eligibility and unsportsmanlike conduct must be brought to the attention of the ECC organizers immediately (corporatechallenge@tntevents.ca). ECC will address the situation immediately and decide on a course of action. The decision of ECC is final regardless of whether or not the rule in question appears in the event rules. Formal complaints may also be lodged with Edmonton Corporate Challenge (by phone or email) within 24 hours of the event/incident in question. ECC Staff members will endeavour to respond to complaints as quickly as possible, particularly in instances where the resolution will directly affect upcoming games.

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