Acts of Kindness Challenge
From May 21 to June 9, 2024

​A lighthearted competition that gets your team SPIRIT points while putting a smile on someone's face! Your team can perform random Acts of Kindness on a friend, family member, a coworker, neighbour, charity or even an unsuspecting stranger. Donate to the Food Bank, volunteer at a pet rescue, send a card to a friend who needs a lift, buy the person behind you in line a coffee... no Act is too small to count. Perform an Act of Kindness and tell us about it! Simple as that.



  • May 21 -  June 9, 2024
  • You may complete your Acts of Kindness anytime in between these dates. 
  • Deadline for submission is 11:59 PM June 9


  • Anywhere!
  • Company Coordinators will be asked to report the Acts of Kindness from their employees on an online form.
Participating in the Acts of Kindness Challenge
  • Company Coordinators can sign up for the Acts of Kindness challenge via the online form.
  • Companies can register one team, but anyone in the company may participate.
  • If you wish to contribute an Act of Kindness on behalf of your Company, please contact your Company Coordinator.

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  • No limit!  
  • All participants should be employees of your company at the time of play (See Eligibility Requirements for more information). 


  • Anyone employee can submit an Act of Kindness on behalf of the company team.


  • This year, more than ever, we know there is a great need out there for kindness - in all its forms.  There are not a lot of Rules to this challenge, be kind and tell us about it!
  • Charities and non-profits need help, your neighbour might need a helping hand, or that frazzled mom behind you in the Tim's drive-through just needs a reminder that someone cares.  Volunteer your time, buy a coffee, donate a little money - any Act of Kindness counts!
  • Company Coordinators will be asked to submit their Acts of Kindness reporting once a week throughout the Games.  
Corporate Challenge Points 
  • Each team that participates will receive 10 PARTICIPATION points
  • SPIRIT Points will be awarded based on the number of Acts of Kindness reported between the event dates:
    • 1 to 5 Acts = 50 SPIRIT Points
    • 6 to 30 Acts = 100 SPIRIT Points
    • 31+ Acts = 200 SPIRIT Points
BONUS POINTS!   coming soon.

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Preparing Teams

Pre Event  

  • Assign a Team Captain.
  • Recruit participants to perfom Acts of Kindness.
  • Prepare a process for participants to submit their Acts of Kindness.

During the Event
  • Participants will submit a written description of the Act of Kindness they performed and submit it to the Company Coordinator and/or Team Captain.
  • Company Coordinator/Team Captain will record all Acts of Kindness performed on behalf of their company and submit them via a google form.  A link to that form will be sent to company coordinators.  If you have not received that link before May 15th, please contact us and we will send it.  

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  Check back when the games begin!!


Principles of Fair Play

Edmonton Corporate Challenge (ECC) reserves the right to disqualify, suspend, remove and/or otherwise sanction any manager, coach, player, spectator, team and/or company that conducts themselves in any manner contrary to the Principles of Fair Play before, during or after an event. Your team is effectively an extension of your company/workplace. As such, all incidents will be reported to the Company Captain and Senior Management at your company. 

1. Respect the rules. 
2. Respect the officials, ECC Staff and volunteers and their decisions. 
3. Respect your opponents.
4. Respect your company and represent it well. 
5. Maintain your self control at ALL times. 

All protests regarding rules, eligibility and unsportsmanlike conduct must be brought to the attention of the ECC organizers immediately ( ECC will address the situation immediately and decide on a course of action. The decision of ECC is final regardless of whether or not the rule in question appears in the event rules. Formal complaints may also be lodged with Edmonton Corporate Challenge (by phone or email) within 24 hours of the event/incident in question. ECC Staff members will endeavour to respond to complaints as quickly as possible, particularly in instances where the resolution will directly affect upcoming games.

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