CEO Challenge
From May 15 to June 16, 2021
Your CEO/Senior Managers are used to making the big deals - so now is their chance to show off those skills!  

Sign your CEO/Senior Manager up and get set to watch them make a deal - but instead of cash - they’ll be playing for points!  

This event will earn your team SPIRIT points. All spirit points are added up and the team with the most SPIRIT points at end of the games will earn CHALLENGE points. For complete details visit our Points and awards page

All events your team signs up for and participates in will earn your company PARTICIPATION points. These participation points are added directly into your CHALLENGE total - so the more of these you gather the better the chances of winning your division! Check each event page to find out how many PARTICIPATION points you will earn. For complete details visit our Points and awards page


Company Coordinators will have a link on their Dashboard to "Calendly" - a scheduling system and will be able to pick the date/time for their CEO/Senior Manager to Participate.  

Dates will be available between May 17 - June 19 at various times throughout the day.

Once a time slot has been booked the CEO/Senior Manager plus the Company Coordinator will recieve an invitation to the Zoom meetingf for the Challenge!​


Team Size:

  • One CEO or Senior Manager per team​



It's time for DEAL OR NO DEAL - Corporate Challenge style!   

How to participate

  • Sign up for the CEO Challenge along with all the other events via the online form
  • A link is available on the Dashboard to sign the CEO/Senior Manager up for a time slot to participate in the first ever virtual CEO Challenge.  
  • Once they have chosen a day and time, a zoom invitation will be sent to your CEO/Senior Manager, as well as to the company coordinator
  • Invite as many of your company as you like to join the zoom call to cheer on your CEO
  • On your team’s designated day, just log into the zoom call and get ready for your own game of DEAL or NO DEAL!
  • The entire event should take between 20-30 minutes

Rules and Points:
  • Instead of cash, your CEO/Senior Manager will be playing for points
  • Just like the TV show, players will be shown 26 numbered briefcases and 26 different dollar amounts from $1 to $1,000,000
  • First, they will be asked to choose one of the briefcases to keep as their own
  • Next, they will be asked to choose 6 different briefcases which will be opened one by one - the dollar amounts in those briefcases will be eliminated from the list, so you’re hoping for small amounts!
  • After those 6 are opened, the player will be offered a deal from the banker to stop playing
  • The player can choose the deal or continue eliminating briefcases
  • If they choose the deal, the player’s score will be the amount of money offered by the banker
  • If they do not choose the deal, they will continue to eliminate briefcases until another deal is offered
  • If the player does not take any deal and makes it to the end, their score will be the amount in their original briefcase
  • Every team that participates will receive 20 PARTICIPATION points
Corporate Challenge SPIRIT points will be awarded as follows:
​$1 - $300
​5 points
​$301 - $1000
​10 points
​$1001 - $5000
​15 points
​$5001 - $30,000
​20 points
​$30,001 - $75,000
​25 points
​$75,001 - $150,000
​30 points
​$150,001 - $300,000
​35 points
​$300,001 - $500,000
​50 points
​$500,001 - $750,000
​100 points
​$750,001 - $1,000,000
​150 points

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Edmonton Corporate Challenge reserves the right to disqualify, suspend, remove and/or otherwise sanction any manager, coach, player, spectator, team and/or company that conducts themselves in any manner contrary to the Principles of Fair Play before, during or after an event. Your team is effectively an extension of your company/workplace. As such, all incidents will be reported to the Company Captain and Senior Management at your company. 

Principles of Fair Play 
1. Respect the rules. 
2. Respect the officials, ECC Staff and volunteers and their decisions. 
3. Respect your opponents.
4. Respect your company and represent it well. 
5. Maintain your self control at ALL times. 

All protests regarding rules, eligibility and unsportsmanlike conduct must be brought to the attention of ECC immediately ( ECC will address the situation immediately and decide on a course of action. The decision of ECC is final regardless of whether or not the rule in question appears in the event rules. Formal complaints may also be lodged with Edmonton Corporate Challenge (by phone or email) within 24 hours of the event/incident in question. ECC Staff members will endeavour to respond to complaints as quickly as possible, particularly in instances where the resolution will directly affect upcoming games.

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