Spirit Award Challenge

2018 Spirit Award Challenge FINAL Results - updated June 14, 2018


Teams that are united with team spirit are often the ones that rise to the highest levels of performance both in and out of the workplace…does your company have Spirit?

Corporate Challenge has spirit competitions for your whole company to participate in…. including fundraising activities, contests, scavenger hunts and special activities for your CEO! 

Spirit Award Challenge points can be received in the following activities:

1. CEO Pep Rally Challenge
2. CEO Team Participation Challenge
3. Team Nominations
4. Big Bike Challenge for Heart & Stroke
5. Scavenger Hunt
6. T-Shirt Contest


There will be an overall spirit winner in each division, plus teams that collect the most Spirit Award points will win valuable points toward their Overall Team Points

1.    BDO CEO PEP RALLY CHALLENGE - 50 Spirit Award Points

The CEO Challenge kicks off at the Alberta Blue Cross Pep Rally with a series of fun challenges for any of your FIVE registered CEO’s. Every company with a CEO/Senior Manager participating will earn their company 50 SPIRIT AWARD points.   CEO PEP RALLY CHALLENGE Registration is online at www.edmontoncorporatechallenge.com.

2.  CEO TEAM PARTICIPATION CHALLENGE - Up to 75 Spirit Award Points
Up to FIVE CEOs/Senior Managers from each company can sign up to earn additional Spirit Points just by participating on any of your sport teams. You must pre-register up to FIVE CEO/Senior Manager names.  They will then be provided with CEO/Senior Manager ‘tickets’ that they can turn in when they register to play for your team (up to a maximum of 3 events for 75 points).
CEO TEAM PARTICIPATION CHALLENGE Registration is online at www.edmontoncorporatechallenge.com

3.   TEAM NOMINATIONS - 10 Spirit Award Points per nomination
Companies will be given the opportunity to nominate other teams for great spirit, good deeds or anything they feel was deserving of spirit points. Nomination forms will be handed out to the team Captain at each event. Every team will get 10 spirit points for each nomination received.  There will be a special drop off box at every Corporate Challenge event.  We ask that in the spirit of Fair Play you do not solicit other teams for nominations for your company.  

4.   BIG BIKE CHALLENGE for Heart & Stroke - up to 130 Spirit Award Points
Just for participating in the Big Bike for Heart & Stroke, your team will earn 100 Spirit Points.  However, your team will need to raise a minimum of $2000 in order to book a ride on the bike.  If you sign up and fail to raise the minimum amount you will receive only 50 spirit points.   PLUS - if your team raises over $5000 you will get an additionl 5 points. There are additional spirit points available for the top three fundraisers in each division will also earn spirit points for their company.  Points will be allocated as follows:  
                  1st - 25 Spirit Award Points
                  2nd - 15 Spirit Award Points
                  3rd - 10 Spirit Award Points
And don’t forget - you are helping a great cause along the way!  To sign up just visit www.bigbike.ca or email Samantha Michaud at samantha.michaud@heartandstroke.ca or call 780-229-7011

5.    Mowbrey Gil LLP SCAVENGER HUNT -  June 4 – 9, 2019
The Scavenger Hunt list will be posted on the Corporate Challenge website on June 4.  You have until Saturday, June 9 to find as many of the items as possible.  It may include charity items, something for craftsy people to build and perhaps a performance will be requested!   Every item that you find will be worth Spirit Points – so everyone who takes part will earn Spirit Points. Complete details will be available under Scavenger Hunt on the website.

6.    Backstreet Graphics and gologo.ca T-Shirt Contest - 150 Spirit Points
Deadline to Submit T-shirt:  May 31, 2019
Show off your unique team shirt design and earn Spirit Points at the same time!   Everyone who enters the t-shirt contest will be awarded 150 overall points! (Spirit Points!) Plaques are awarded for the top three best t-shirts.  Judging of the t-shirt contest is done by our official graphic design team at Backstreet Graphics.  
Remember that gologo.ca is our official merchandise sponsor and only they are licensed to use the official Corporate Challenge logo.  

There will be Spirit Award winners in each division, based on the number of Spirit Award points collected. The top six Spirit Award place finishers, in each division, and any team below 6th place, in each division, that has accumulated a minimum of 300 Spirit Award points will receive overall points.

Spirit Award Winners in each division will be awarded the following points towards their final standings;
1st - 20 points
2nd - 18 points
3rd - 16 points
4th - 14 points
5th - 12 points
6th - 10 points
All teams below 6th place who get a minimum of 300 Spirit points will also receive 5 overall points.

In the case of a tie for overall spirit standings, the winner will be determined by the team with the highest points from the Team Nominations. 

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