Dates and Deadlines


February 16 - Company Coordinators Meeting
February 16 - Sport Rules Posted at  
February 16 - Forms available online at
Feb 1 – June 3 - Blood Donor Challenge
February 16 - Raffle Tickets Distributed to Companies 
March 6 & 8 - Brain Freeze
April – June - Heart and Stroke - Big Bike Challenge 
April 7 - **Sports Commitment and Captains List Form Deadline
April 7 - Heart and Stroke Big Bike Challenge Registration
April 30 - Blood Donor Challenge Registration Deadline
May 1 - Volunteer Assignments Distributed  
May 10 (tent.) - Company Coordinators Meeting (receive Team Schedules)
May 16 - **Pep Rally Food Ticket Order Form Deadline
May 16 - **Company Tent Booking Form Deadline
May 16 - **CEO Challenge Form Deadline
May 24 – June 11 - Event Dates
May 24 - Kick Off Pep Rally
June 2 - T-Shirt Contest Entry Deadline
June 11 (noon) - Deadline to Return Raffle Tickets
June 11 - Party in the Park (formerly Family Day)
June 21 - Raffle Prize Draw (CC office)
** These forms are all available online at

Company Coordinators must log into the Corporate Challenge website to access these forms. You must fill these forms out by the deadline stated above. The ‘Sign In’ button is located on the top right corner of the website. You will need to use the same username and password as when you registered for the Games.  You should have an email with that information.  If you don’t have that information – email the office. 
YEG Corporate Challenge uses Microsoft Sharepoint