Rules of the Games

This page outlines the overall rules and expectations for participating in Corporate Challenge. If you are looking for rules for a specific event, please select that event under "Season 29 Events" in the sidebar.

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Points and Awards


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POINTS - Challenge, Spirit, Participation

The goal of Corporate Challenge is to encourage employee PARTICIPATION, increase company SPIRIT and, of course, provide a little healthy competition! In order to achieve all of this, your team will be rewarded in 3 Point categories:  CHALLENGE, SPIRIT and PARTICIPATION.  

Here is a breakdown of how our points and rankings work.  Check each individual event page for complete details.  

Challenge Icon
​ Challenge

 All events with this symbol will earn your team CHALLENGE points.

This is the one with the corporate bragging rights! Earn the most overall CHALLENGE points at the end of the Games and your company reigns supreme as Division Champion!  Your team earns CHALLENGE points by placing in the top 6 of your division in any event labelled as a Challenge event.  You also can receive CHALLENGE points in both the SPIRIT and PARTICIPATION categories (see below).

All CHALLENGE events will also award medals to participants placing in the gold, silver and bronze positions by request after the Games are over.

Spirit Icon

All events with this symbol will earn your team SPIRIT points.

All SPIRIT points are added together and the team with the most SPIRIT points at the end of the games will earn overall CHALLENGE points.  Plus, everyone who earns a minimum of 500 SPIRIT points will earn 10 CHALLENGE points.
  • 1st Place in Spirit earns 20 CHALLENGE points
  • 2nd Place in Spirit earns 18 CHALLENGE points
  • 3rd Place in Spirit earns 16 CHALLENGE points
  • 4th Place in Spirit earns 14 CHALLENGE points 
  • 5th Place in Spirit earns 12 CHALLENGE points
  • 6th Place in Spirit earns 10 CHALLENGE points

Participants Icon
All events with this symbol will earn your team PARTICPATION points.

All events your team signs up for and participates in will earn your company PARTICIPATION points. These participation points are added directly into your CHALLENGE total - so the more of these you gather the better the chances of winning your division! Check each event page to find out how many PARTICIPATION points you will earn.

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Medals will be awarded only when requested. Teams winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any of our CHALLENGE events are entitled to a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. In order for the company to receive those medals, the Company Coordinator must fill out the form provided and the company will be contacted when the medals are ready.

We are doing this to reduce waste and to make sure everyone who wants a medal receives one! 



All competition participants must:
  • play for only one company
  • be 18 years of age or older

For most events, participants should:
  • be employed by the company at the time of the Games (full-time, part-time, contract) anywhere in Canada!
NOTE: You do NOT have to be employed by the company to participate in most Spirit, Fundraising, Community, or Special Event Activities.  
  • Retired employees
  • Parental and maternity leave employees
  • professional (i.e. paid) athletes
  • college or university-level athletes (playing in the previous school year – i.e. 2019/2020 athletes)

Athletes who meet the above criteria cannot compete in their designated sport but are free to take part in any other event within Corporate Challenge.

If a player is judged to be ineligible while in “play” he/she will be immediately ejected from the event and the team will be disqualified from play in that sport for the rest of the 2021 Games.
At each in-person event, your participating employees must present the event Roster along with an HR Letter.  Every person listed on the Roster must appear on the HR Letter.

At each virtual event,  participating employees must identify themselves as from their company by changing their Discord name to include their company name.
In an effort to make the registration for live events easier for your athletes, every team must provide a Human Resource letter signed by your Human Resources Director/Senior Manager – ALPHABETIZED BY LAST NAME. This will accompany the roster for that event. 

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​Each in-person event venue will have specific health and safety rules and guidelines.  Please check each event's page to ensure you have the most up to date information.  Basic rules for all events include always wearing a mask, social distancing and sanitizing hands often.  



Many of our events are virtual and will leverage a variety of online platforms to participate. For anything that people may be unfamiliar with, we will be offering optional drop-in nights in advance to test out the technology and ensure everyone can get connected properly.

  • Discord
    • Discord is an online service that facilitates discussion via voice, video, and text
    • We will be using Discord to coordinate schedules and match ups for our online tournaments, so it will be a requirement to participate in certain events.
    • All participants are encouraged to sign up for Discord and join our private server to facilitate social interaction and networking during the Games.
    • Stay tuned for our Discord 101 Guide and server invitation link - they will be posted here when available!
  • Zoom
    • A couple of our events will take place via Zoom
    • Meeting links will be provided to your Company Coordinator prior to 
Some events may require you to sign up for a free account or download a game to play, but we have done our best to limit this where possible. Every virtual event we are hosting will be free to play and will not require any paid accounts.

For more information on the technology requirements for each event, please visit Season 29 Events under the sidebar menu. We will be working to add and confirm technology and equipment needs to each individual event as we approach the dates of the Games.

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Teams must register for events ahead of time. There is no minimum or maximum number of events a company is required to participate in, but once registered, the company must send a team to that event. To cancel participation in an event after the confirmation date, companies can do so by sending an email to Participation points will only be awarded to teams that participate in the sport - if a company signs up but does not take part, they will not receive the participation points.



​All outdoor events will take place as scheduled – RAIN OR SHINE. In the event that safety is an issue due to severe weather (high winds, lightning), Corporate Challenge Management will have the final decision as to event delays or cancellations. Any cancellations will be communicated to the Company Coordinator and will be posted on the Corporate Challenge social media and emailed to Company Coordinators.