Sunday June 2 Outdoor Activities - Update June 1, 5:00pm


Once again we thank you for your cooperation and understanding about the cancellation of Slopitch today.  We really wanted to go ahead but we are determined to put health and safety first.  

For your information this is the website we are using as a guide for monitoring the air quality index:  

Our decision is to cancel strenuous outdoor events if the index is 5 or higher.  Today was a 10+ so we feel we made the right choice.

Tomorrow is forecast to be moderate with an index number of 4.  Based on that we will proceed with Orienteering and Bunnock.  

However, using this index, we will cancel if the following changes occur:

  • Bunnock:  7 or higher
  • Orienteering:  5 or higher

We will use social media, email and our website to communicate the cancellations @YEGCorpchall.  We will post by 7am tomorrow if we need to cancel. 

Once again, please note that if all events proceed but your team wants to cancel because of the smoke, there will be no penalties.  

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