Badminton RULES

TEAM ROSTER (Minimum 6 players)
  • Your coed team will consist of 6 players - 3 of which must be of alternate gender.
  • A minimum of 6 people, 3 of which must be of alternate gender, must register prior to the first match of that series. 
  • You may sign up as many players as you wish, but there will be only 8 medals presented per team. 
  • Team Captains (or designate) will be responsible for bringing completed & signed team rosters to the registration with the minimum team required for your division. Roster & Registration information will be included in the Roster Book distributed in May.
  • Team Captains are responsible to see that each athlete registers with photo ID and proof of employment (i.e. Human Resource letter or Pay stub). It is the responsibility of each participant to have the proper ID.   Highlighting your badminton team member's names on the HR letter will speed up registration. 
  • Please have your minimum team (6) players present to register together.  Be aware that any teams without the 4th player registered, for either gender,  will not be able to do any player substitution, for that gender, in case of injuries.
Badminton is to be played in a team format consisting of one (1) men’s doubles, one (1) lady’s doubles and one (1) mixed doubles team, each playing three games of men’s, ladies and mixed doubles one after another on the same court for a total of nine games. Each person may participate in one category (men’s, ladies or mix doubles) only per match. The tournament is in the form of "pool play" with the winning company advancing with the most points in their pool to the medal rounds. Play will start and stop with the sound of a whistle or horn. If a match or set finishes early, do not start the next match or set before the whistle or horn has been blown. 

  • Your team will play three men’s doubles games (one set) earning one point for each game won. The lady’s doubles games will be identical, followed by the mixed doubles games. The company that wins 5 of 9 games against another company is the winner of that match and the company that wins the most matches in a pool will advance. 
  • Games will be played to 15 points with no set using the rally point system. This method of scoring can be found on the Edmonton District Badminton Association website at then click on Rally Point System in Badminton. 
  • Each team will provide a person (a teammate who is not playing in that set) to act as scorekeepers for each set. They will keep score on the score sheets provided and position themselves beside the courts in a way not to disrupt the game and neighboring courts.
  • Both team captains must sign the score sheet, showing they agree with the scores listed, and ensure the sheet is brought to the scorekeeper’s table following each match. 
  • A forfeit game will be scored at 15-0 for a total of 45-0 for a set or 135-0 for a match. 

Each three-game set shall have a 19-minute time limit; this includes warm-up time. The moment the whistle or horn sounds, stop playing IMMEDIATELY if the shuttle is in play, and this interrupted point (or rally) does not count as a point for either team.  According to the last recorded score, the team ahead of points when the whistle or horn sounds will be declared the winner of that game and receive a point for this partial game.  If tied (not counting the interrupted rally), play ONE more point to decide the winner for that game.  The medal rounds will have no time limit and play every game to 15 points. 

  • In the event that there is a tie after pool play, the team that advances to the medal round is the team with the best record against the other team(s) involved in the tie. 

                        Example: With four teams in a pool 

                                    A vs. B = A Wins the match 

                                    A vs. C = A Wins the match 

                                    A vs. D = D Wins the match 

                                    C vs. D = C Wins the match 

                                    B vs. D = B Wins the match 

                                    B vs. C = C Wins the match 

  • In this case both teams A and C win two matches while B and D win one. In the game between team A and team C, team A won the best of 9 match over team C so team A advances out of the pool. 
  • If there is a three-way tie where the records of the teams do not determine an outcome, we will use a formula of Total Wins / Total Wins + Total Losses with best average (percentage) advancing to the medal round. If a tie still exists we will use a formula of Total Points For / Total Points For and Against with best average (percentage) advancing to the medal round. Only teams in the tie will be included in the calculations. ​
Players, not spectators, will call their own lines on their own side. Line judges will not be available. 

Before starting, Team Captains can determine Home Team for the entire match if desired. This will be done by chance (i.e.: flip a coin, spin a racquet, toss a shuttle). The home team has the choice of choosing side (of the court) OR serving first for each set.  Team Captains keep this home team setting for the entire match of all three sets (total 9 games).

Substitutions are only allowed at the start of matches. A player who has played previously in that match cannot play again in the same match. There are no injury substitutions during a match. If an injury occurs during a set, no substitution will be allowed during this set. The affected team will forfeit that game of the set and the score will stand at the point where the game ended. Scores will remain in effect for all games within that set with the default score being applied to all uncompleted games in the set.  No subsitutions are allowed if a team only has 3 members of either gender.  For example if there are three women and 4 men on the team, no substitutions are allowed for the women.  

  • Yellow shuttles will be provided. Players must bring their own racquets. Protective eyewear is strongly recommended. 
  • ​Players must wear clean, indoor shoes.  

Alberta Badminton Federation Rules will apply throughout the match. The Sport Coordinator will resolve any dispute brought forward by a captain only. The Sport Coordinator's decision will be final. 

Cancellations must be in writing either emailed or faxed to the Corporate Challenge office. If a team must cancel their participation in a sport, the Penalties are as follows: 
LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION: (Within 48 hours of your event start time)
Teams that provide written notification (by email or fax) that they are canceling out of an event within 48 hours of the start of the event will be penalized 5 points. A company with participants who register at the event but are unable to register an eligible team will be considered a cancellation and the penalty will apply. 
NO SHOWS: (No notification of cancellation)
A No Show will result in a 10-point deduction and disqualification from that sport for the following year. A NO SHOW is a team that has not provided any notification that their team is not participating in an event prior to start time of the event. 
​A company missing two (2) matches throughout the tournament will be considered a Cancellation or No Show and the penalty will apply. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS, if you think your team will miss ONE match, please call the Corporate Challenge office with at least 24 hours’ notice so that we can inform the challenging team. 

To find out more about badminton practices and locations please visit the Badminton Association web site at:
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