Table Tennis RULES

TEAM ROSTER (3 players & 2 alternates)  
Your coed team will consist of 3 players (1 of whom must be of alternate gender) and 2 alternates.  
Saville Sports Centre
11610-65 Avenue
** Clean, indoor shoes only **  

  • Team Captains (or designate) will be responsible for bringing completed & signed team rosters to the registration with the minimum team required for your division. Roster & Registration information will be included in the Schedule Book distributed in May.
  • Team Captains are responsible to see that each athlete registers with photo ID and proof of employment (i.e. Human Resource letter or Pay stub). It is the responsibility of each participant to have the proper ID.
  • Players must register at the event together with a minimum 3 eligible starting players.
  • Up to 5 players may register each day of the tournament.

  • A team match shall consist of the best of 5 singles matches. The first team to win 3 singles matches will win the team match.
  • Choosing from the 5 registered players on the team roster, the team captain will assign 3 players to play each team match (one of alternate gender), assigning each player to the position of player A, B, or C (or X, Y, or Z). 
  • Once a team match has commenced no alternates or substitutes will be allowed to play.
  • Team captains will ensure that team matches are started promptly and completed on time. Each team match will be allowed a total time of 75 minutes. 
  • If any player is not available to play their singles match when it is due to be played, the team will be deemed to not have a full team and will default the entire team match.


  • A singles match shall consist of the best of 5 games. The first player to win 3 games will win the singles match. If a team gets into time trouble, the local organizers may choose at their discretion to reduce a singles match to the best of 3 games, in which case the first player to win 2 games will win the singles match.
  • The 5 singles matches will be played in the following order: A vs X, B vs Y, C vs Z, A vs Y, and B vs X.
  • If a player is unable to complete a singles match, they will register a singles match loss, recording the numbers of games and points won in the singles match up to the time of the forfeit.

  • Team captains and players are generally responsible for resolving disputes about match play among themselves. However, if there is a dispute about the legality of play that captains and players cannot resolve themselves, the event coordinator may appoint an umpire for the match.  This umpire’s decisions will be final.
  • If there is a question concerning the interpretation of the event rules, the event coordinator may be asked to make a final determination.  

  • The number of team matches won by each team will be used to determine the teams that advance to the medal round from each pool.
  • Teams will earn one team match point for each team match they win. The team with the most team match points will be determined to be the first place team in the pool.  
  • If two or more teams are tied, having the same number of team match points in their pool, their relative positions shall be determined by using only the results of the teams involved in the tie. First, by the total number of team match points; then if still tied, by the total number of singles matches won divided by the total number of singles matches lost; then if still tied, by the total number of games won divided by the total number of games lost; then if still tied, by the total number of points won divided by the total number of points lost; then if still tied, by lot.
  • Default scoring will be 11-0 per game.

  1. The current Laws of Table Tennis, as adopted by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) will provide the guidelines for all games. (Chapter 2 of the ITTF Handbook is available at:
  2. Players will umpire their own games, calling the score before each service.
  3. A game shall be won by the player first scoring 11 points, unless both players score 10 points, when the game shall be won by the first player subsequently gaining a lead of 2 points.
  4. Players shall alternate service after every 2 points, unless both players score 10 points, when service will alternate after each point.
  5. Players must change ends after each game, and when one player first scores 5 points in the fifth game.
  6. The racquet shall be made of wood, covered with rubber (ITTF approved). One side shall be black and the other red in colour. Sandpaper racquets are not permitted.
  7. White shirts are allowed.  
  8. Players must wear clean, indoor shoes.  
  9. At the start of service, the ball must rest freely on the flat open palm of the free hand and shall be stationary behind the server's end line and above the level of the playing surface. The server shall project the ball upwards without spin at least 16cm (6 inches) but can be thrown as high as you like. As the ball is falling the server shall strike it.
  10. First service will be decided by a coin flip prior to the first game. The winner of the flip may choose to serve or receive or may choose to start at a particular end. When the winner has chosen, the other player may now have the other choice.
  11. Ball: White, 3-star, 40+, plastic.
Cancellations must be in writing either emailed or faxed to the Corporate Challenge office. If a team must cancel their participation in a sport, the Penalties are as follows: 
CANCELLATIONS: (Within 48 hours of your event start time)
Teams that provide written notification (by email or fax) that they are canceling out of an event within 48 hours of the start of the event will be penalized 5 points. A company with participants who register at the event but are unable to register an eligible team will be considered a cancellation and the penalty will apply. 
NO SHOWS: (No notification of cancellation)
A No Show will result in a 10-point deduction and disqualification from that sport for the following year. A NO SHOW is a team that has not provided any notification that their team is not participating in an event prior to start time of the event. 
A company missing two (2) team matches throughout the tournament will be considered a Cancellation or No Show and the penalty will apply. If you think your team will DEFINITELY miss a team match, please call the Corporate Challenge office with at least 24 hours notice so that, out of courtesy, we can inform the challenging team.
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