Yard Games RULES

  • Your team will have a total of 15 throws of the bolas. Throwing 3 bolas at a time.
  • The ladder will be placed 15 feet away.​
  • Any combination of your team can take turns throwing.
  • The top rung is worth 3 points, middle is 2 and bottom rung is 1 point. 
  • There is no set way to throw a bola, therefore a player may toss any way, within  reason, he/she likes and can even bounce a bola on the ground.
  • After 3 bolas are thrown, whichever bolas are still left hanging are awarded points. ​
  • Bolas are taken down and the team continues throwing for 5 rounds, until 15 bolas in total have been thrown.
  • Each team will record their total points from all rounds on their scorecard and have it initialed by a volunteer.
  • Your team will have a total of 20 throws of the bean bags. The ideas it to get them into the target holes.
  • There are three holes:  worth 1 point, 2 points and 3 points. 
  • The target will be 20 feet away.
  • A player's feet may not go past the mark when they are throwing. If they do, the throw does not count and there is no re-throw.
  • When 20 bags have been tossed, add up the score. 
  • Record your total points on your scorecard and have it initialed by a volunteer.
  • Your team will have a total of 10 throws of the discs.
  • One team member will stand at the mark.
  • The goal will be located 25 feet away.
  • Another team member will stand next to the goal and is referred to as a deflector.
  • Team members can take turns throwing the discs.
  • The thrower throws the disc, trying to get it into the goal.
  • Scoring is as follows:
    • 1 point: deflector redirects disc and it hits any part of the goal
    • 2 points: thrower hits the side of the goal unassisted by their partner.
    • 3 points: deflector redirects the disc and it lands inside the goal.
    • 5 points: thrower lands the disc inside the goal, through the top, unassisted by their partner.
  • Deflectors can move anywhere within the playing area to redirect the disc, while throwers must stand behind the goal area to throw.
  • Deflectors can only use one hand to redirect the disc.
  • The disc may not touch the ground before striking the goal.
  • No score will result if the deflector double hits, carries, catches, or uses 2 hands to deflect the disc.
  • After completing 10 throws, your team will record your total points on your scorecard and have it initialed by a volunteer.
  • Visit kanjam.ca for more information about the game.
  • Your team will get a total of 16 throws of the jarts.  
  • The targets consist of one small ring inside a second, larger ring.
  • Rings are placed 25 feet away.
  • The thrower must stand behind the mark.
  • Team members may take turns throwing the jarts.
  • A jart inside the small ring is worth 5 points.  A jart inside the larger ring but outside the smaller one is worth 3 points.   
  • Your team will record your total points on your scorecard and have it initialed by a volunteer.
In the event of a tie the winner will be decided in this order:
    • team with the highest score in Ladder Golf
    • team with the highest score in KANJAM
    • team with the highest score in Lawn Jarts
    • team with the highest score in Bean Bag Toss ​
All game sets will be provided onsite.

There will be a maximum of 8 medals awarded per team

Cancellations must be in writing either emailed or faxed to the Corporate Challenge office. If a team must cancel their participation in a sport, the Penalties are as follows: 
LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS: (Within 48 hours of your event start time)
Teams that provide written notification (by email or fax) that they are canceling out of an event within 48 hours of the start of the event will be penalized 5 points. A company with participants who register at the event but are unable to register an eligible team will be considered a cancellation and the penalty will apply. 
NO SHOWS: (No notification of cancellation)
A No Show will result in a 10-point deduction and disqualification from that sport for the following year. A NO SHOW is a team that has not provided any notification that their team is not participating in an event prior to start time of the event.
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