Thank you!

Once again, thank you to all the teams who joined us in 2021 and helped us re-imagine the Games!  We had a lot of fun planning unique ways to bring everyone together virtually and we are thrilled with the positive feedback we received from all the teams. 

What's Next?

We have already started planning for 2022 and we sincerely hope that we will be able to present a full slate of in-person events while keeping some of the newly popular virtual events. We will be opening registration in October and hope to see all our teams back to help us reinvent the Games again!  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email us at

Acts of Kindness Challenge

​A lighthearted competition that gets your team SPIRIT points while putting a smile on someone's face! Your team can perform random Acts of Kindness on a friend, family member, a coworker, neighbour, charity or even an unsuspecting stranger. Donate to the Food Bank, volunteer at a pet rescue, send a card to a friend who needs a lift, buy the person behind you in line a coffee... no Act is too small to count. Perform an Act of Kindness and tell us about it! Simple as that.


Flick. Hairpin net shot. Smash. Balk.   Welcome to the world of badminton!  This is your chance to improve your hand eye coordination in fun and active way.  


Grab your favourite dauber and get ready for some online B-I-N-G-O.  Yes, we're going old-school in a virtual world!  Teams will receive printable bingo cards, hop on Zoom and get ready for the caller to begin. Under the B.........   

Blood Donor Challenge

Roll up your sleeves, save lives and earn CHALLENGE points for your company!  Corporate Challenge is proud to team up once more with Canadian Blood Services to improve the lives of many Canadians.

Board Games

​Everyone got a lot of practice playing board games over the past couple of years so we thought we'd make a compeition out of it!  Stay tuned for more details and to find out what games you need to keep practicing! 


Can you SPARE a night out to STRIKE up some teambuilding fun?  Then join us at Bonnie Doon Lanes for one of our most popular Corporate Challenge team events.  Let the good times roll!  


Somewhere between horseshoes and bowling, but played with plastic replicas of horse ankle bones? Yep! It's called Bunnock and it is a super fun team game for players of all ages and abilities.  Not quite sold yet?  Just check out the website for more info and a video

CEO Challenge

Your CEO/Senior Managers are used to making the big deals - so now is their chance to show off those skills!  

Sign your CEO/Senior Manager up and get set to watch them make a deal - but instead of cash - they’ll be playing for points!  

Chef Joey Presents!

In 2021, Chef Joey led us through a mouth-watering selection of chocolate dishes!  In 2022, we are celebrating Mardi Gras with the food of New Orleans!  Chef Joey was born and raised there, so expect some unforgettable taste sensations!  Join us for an online cooking class with an amazing chef who will teach you and your team how to make some truly tasty dishes!  Once the cooking is done comes the best part – eating!   


Everyone's favourite camping game is one of Corporate Challenge's most popular events.  Crib is a game for everyone  - so make sure you sharpen your pegs and get ready for some great competition.

Eight Ball

​Calling all pool sharks!  Time to rack em up and break!  Eight Ball has consistently been one of the most popular events in Corporate Challenge.  Truly an event for everyone!


In 2021, we introduced Corporate Challenge to the world of e-sports with a Rocket League tournament.  We'll be back in 2022 with another exciting event for all the gamers in the crowd!  More details to come!

Extra Life - Online Gaming in support of the Stollery

​We are teaming up with the Stollery Children's Hospital to present Extra Life - an online gaming event.  This is a fundraising SPIRIT event that not only provides teams with a lot of fun, it's for one of the best causes we can think of!   


​FORE!!! We are on-course to hit the greens for a 'hole" lot of fun in 2022! This is one of Corporate Challenge's most popular team events, so dust off your golf clubs and start practicing your swing.  

Lawn Bowling

​Did you know people have been playing Lawn Bowling since the 13th Century!  If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for! It's easy to learn and a lot of fun.

Near-Beer Pong

​Get ready for the all-ages version of this classic game!  The cups have sand in them but the skill needed is the same.  Demonstrate your hand/eye coordination with a friendly game of Near-Beer Pong.

Obstacle Course

​Are you ready to bring out your inner Ninja Warrior? This is the sport for you! You'll be climbing and crawling, tossing and running through a custom-designed obstacle course at City Fit Shop. 

Pub Quiz

​Although we can't all meet in a pub, this is your chance to turn your office, your bedroom or living room, or wherever you keep your computer - into a pub for a night!  There will be a variety of puzzles and activities to test your pub quiz skills!

Ride for Heart

We are thrilled to once again partner with the Heart and Stroke for an event that encourages team building, healthy habits and allows for all important fundraising to help end premature heart disease. Heart and Stroke is excited to bring to you the Ride for Heart program with activity tracking, activity competition and of course opportunity for fundraising bonus points and bragging rights. More exciting updates to come in the new year!

Road Race

It's time to lace up your sneakers and go for a run! This year the course will be a virtual one but the pain in your knees will be real! Stay tuned for more details on how we will be tracking your run. 

Scavenger Hunt

If you have random stuff, treasures, collectables, memorabillia sitting around your house collecting dust, then Scavenger Hunt is the event for you! It's simple - we post a list of items that your team needs to find, create or photograph to earn points for your company! So open up those attics, dig through your junk draw and break out the craft supplies - it's time for Scavenger Hunt.  

Slo Pitch

​What's better than a weekend in the sunshine playing ball with your team!  Okay - it's not always sunny during Corporate Challenge but Slo-pitch is always a lot of fun!

Spike Ball

​Also known as Roundnet, this is a fast-paced game with inspiration from volleyball.  If you've never tried it, come out to one of our clinics in the Spring!

Spirit Award

​Corporate Challenge is all about spirit and while it will be a little tougher to show it this year, that doesn't mean we can't have a Spirit Award! A number of our events - including our Charitable events - are all about the SPIRIT POINTS.  Do well in those events and you'll earn valuable CHALLENGE POINTS!  Each event description will show if it is a SPIRIT event and how you can earn points!  The winners of the SPIRIT event will be awarded CHALLENGE POINTS that go towards your company's overall ranking.  

Team Trivia

Finally a place where all those random bits of knowledge you have been storing up will be put to good use!  Compete along with your team in our Zoom trivia night. We're thinking that with all the binge watching, there may be a few more TV questions than usual!  

Unknown Challenge

​What is NOT "Unknown" is just how much fun this challenge is going to be!  Going virtual in 2021, teams will be tasked with a variety of puzzles and online tests that will lead them around the WORLD WIDE WEB!  It's a brain power challenge that many members of your company can join and a test of your team's abilities to work together. If you are ready to put your internet sleuthing and puzzle solving abilities to the test, then this is the challenge for you!


​One of the most popular team sports in Corporate Challenge - Volleyball is a great sport for regular players and newbies alike!  Grab your team and get ready to serve up some fun!